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At Holland & Martin, PC, we take our criminal defense law practice very seriously, especially in high-stakes cases such as those involving murder. If you or someone you love has been accused of murder in the state of Texas, do not wait to contact a representative from our office. The longer you wait, the less time we will have to build an aggressive defense on your behalf.

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Aggressive Defense Against Murder Cases in Texas

Murder is defined as the unlawful, unjustifiable killing of another person. There are many types of murder charges, and our firm can be called upon for help with any of them. If you are facing any of the murder charges listed below, then you should immediately call a Dallas murder defense attorney from our office.

First-Degree Murder
The most serious punishment under the law is applied to cases of first-degree murder. Defined as a killing that is committed with premeditation and / or during the course of a serious felony offense such as kidnapping, first-degree murder charges require skillful defense from an experienced Dallas lawyer.

Second-Degree Murder
Although second-degree murder is not classified as an act committed with premeditation, it still carries some degree of intent. If your situation does not fit the specifications described in the first-degree murder statute, then you could be charged with second-degree murder instead.

Felony Murder
If you killed another person during the commission of a felonious crime, you could be charged with felony murder. For example, a burglary attempt that ends in the death of another person could be classified as felony murder.

Involuntary & Voluntary Manslaughter

The two primary types of manslaughter are:

  • Involuntary manslaughter: Manslaughter that results from a person's failure to perform a known legal duty that could have safeguarded another person's life.
  • Voluntary manslaughter: Manslaughter that results from a person's intentional act. There is no malice or premeditation involved in voluntary manslaughter cases; rather, these cases involve heat-of-the-moment actions.

No matter what type of murder charges you are facing, you can contact Holland & Martin, PC for the aggressive and effective defense that you need.

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