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The biggest debate in any divorce involving children is child custody. When you are filing for divorce, losing custody of your children may be your greatest fear. The court has the ultimate authority when it comes to child custody matters. At Holland & Martin, PC, we can do all that is possible to secure the child custody arrangement that you prefer.

What does the court look for when deciding child support?

Texas family courts are primarily concerned with the best interests of the children when deciding custody. The court will also do its best to make sure that parents share the rights and responsibilities of raising their child if this is possible. If there is a history of domestic violence in the home, then the abusive spouse will not be given custody unless he or she can prove that the child would not be endangered. The court will also observe any bad habits practiced by either parent and will factor such considerations into any decision.

Creating Your Own Child Custody Plan

We can help you to create your own child custody arrangement to either allow shared custody or to give you primary custody of the child. You and your ex-spouse will need to determine who will have physical custody and who will have legal custody of the child. Physical custody involves where the child lives, while legal custody involves decisions made for the child such as religion and education.

A lawyer at our firm can assist you in creating a custody plan with your spouse out of court. This plan is still subject to the court's approval, but as long as the judge finds the plan to be in the child's best interests, it will most likely be honored.

Our firm can also help you petition to alter any child custody rulings if you need to change the arrangement post-divorce. If you want more information, contact our firm today! If you need assistance with your case, don't hesitate to hire a reliable and hardworking attorney at Holland & Martin, PC today!

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