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If you are facing accusations for prostitution in Dallas, it is vital that you understand the crimes that you have allegedly committed and your rights. According to Texas Penal Code, prostitution is the act of agreeing to engage in, or offering sexual acts in exchange for money or other goods and services.

Whether you were arrested for or are being investigated as someone who solicited or received prostitution services, you have the right to plead the fifth and remain silent. Exercise your rights by retaining the legal assistance of Holland & Martin, PC. We have 25 years of experience and are prepared to offer you the guidance necessary to ensure that you are fully prepared to navigate through the legal system.

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We work to the best of our ability to pursue the protection of your rights and defend your freedoms. Often charged as a misdemeanor offense, the penalties for prostitution vary depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the arrest. For example, penalties will increase in severity if you are a repeat offender. Regardless of the details of your case, this is a serious allegation and you should not face these charges alone. Our firm has experience handling a wide variety of criminal charges and is prepared to offer you the knowledgeable assistance that you deserve.

Potential penalties for prostitution include:

  • 1st time offenders face misdemeanor charge up to $2,000 and / or jail time
  • Repeat offenders face larger fines, increased jail, and state jail felony
  • If solicited individual is under 18, heavier fines, longer jail time, and felony charges may apply

Our legal team understands the hardships that you are facing. We understand the fear and uncertainty that comes with these allegations and are dedicated to giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. When you retain our representation, you can receive the committed and aggressive legal representation necessary for the resolution of your case. We understand the emotional stresses that you are experiencing, and desire to help you through these allegations.

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Holland & Martin, PC is prepared to offer each client a personalized defense strategy to achieve your goals. We can walk with you through each step of this process, both in and out of court. Your rights and freedoms are our passion. Allow us to give your case the attention that it needs by retaining our aggressive representation immediately.

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